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Application for utility models

A technical solution is eligible for utility model protection if it is new, is the result of an inventor's activity and is industrially exploitable. The owner of the utility model shall have the exclusive right to exploit the technical solution protected by the utility model, i.e. no one may exploit it without his consent. Protection by a utility model lasts for 4 years from the filing of the utility model application and may be extended twice more, for 3 years each time, at the request of the owner of the utility model.

The service is part of the processes in the utility model proceedings and takes place in several steps from the filing of the application for registration of the utility model in the Register, the applicant's two-way communication with the Office through subsequent submissions, to the decision on the application for registration of the utility model in the Register. Ordinary and extraordinary remedies are also possible in the context of subsequent filings.

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