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You will use your brand in your business every day.

But did you know that your mark, brand, logo are not automatically protected from copying and use by others?

The solution is to register your trademark with the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic. Registered trademark:

  • Increase the value of your company, product or service
  • Distinguishes your products and services from the competition
  • Creates an asset for your company - the value of a trademark in monetary terms is often even higher than other company assets
  • Helps you build your identity
  • Protects the product or service from being used, copied or counterfeited
  • Helps you avoid disputes with competitorsHelps you grow and develop your business economically
  • The validity of the trademark is 10 years, but you can renew it indefinitely

Trademark application costs from 96 Euros if you register it electronically. How do you register a trademark? Very simply, a short video tutorial can be found here (krátky videonávod nájdete tu.)

You can have your trademark published within 30 working days from the filing date if you use the Fast Track service (30 pracovných dní od dátumu podania).

Beware of scammers! The Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic is the only body that registers trademarks in Slovakia.

If you need general information, please contact us on 048 43 00 111 or by email at

You can use the services of patent agents or attorneys  (patentových zástupcov alebo advokátov) to register your intellectual property rights.