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Company visit

Company Visit is our free information service for startups, small, medium and large businesses. During the visit, we will provide you with information about the hidden potential of intellectual property that you are unaware of today.

This information can help you avoid major problems with financial implications; copying your brand and innovations, paying compensation for infringing competitors, costs associated with rebranding and more.

During your visit, you will receive value-added information from our staff and useful tips:

  • How to build a brand, product or service through intellectual property 
  • How to protect a product or service from being used, copied, or counterfeited 
  • When to protect your company's intellectual property and when to use a different strategy 
  • How to prevent early disputes with competitors 
  • Who to contact when developing a strategy to protect your brand, products and services 
  • How much will it cost to protect your innovations 
  • How to get financial support to protect your products and services

Our visit costs only one hour of your time.

If you are interested in a visit to your company, please fill out the registration form by clicking on this link (prihlasovací formulár po kliknutí na tento odkaz).  Our staff will then contact you to confirm the date of your visit.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 048 43 00 261 or 048 43 00 111 or by email at

Note: The visit to the company is an information and popularization service in the field of industrial law protection. It is not intended as a purposeful invitation to file applications for industrial rights, consultation on filing applications, resolution of situations arising in the enterprise in question or as a substitute for the activities of patent attorneys.