Designations of origin and geographical indications of products

Documents and forms

Public declarations

Fight against counterfeiting and piracy




Management of the Office

JUDr. Pavol Gregorčok – President of the Office (statutory representative)

Contact: tel: +421/48/43 00 118

Ing. Martin Kráľ – Vice-President of the Office 


tel: +421/48/43 00 321

Ing. Tomáš Novanský – Secretary General of the Service Office


tel: +421/48/43 00 116

The Advisory Body to the President of the Office shall be composed of 13 members:

  1. Vice-President
  2. Secretary General of the Service Office
  3. Head of International Relations
  4. Director of the Legislative and Legal Department
  5. Director of the Appeals Department
  6. Director of the Patent Department
  7. Director of the Trademarks and Designs Department
  8. Director of the Litigation Department
  9. Director of Fees and Documents Department
  10. Director of Entries and Change Department
  11. Director of Office Administration and Maintenance
  12. Director of the Economic Department
  13. Director of the Informatics Department