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The quality policy of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic is applied in the strategic objectives and priorities pursued within the framework of the fulfilment of its main mission - the performance of state administration in the field of protection of inventions, utility models, designs, trademarks, appellations of origin of products and geographical indications, the administration of the central fund of patent literature, ensuring the exchange and disclosure of information in the field of industrial rights, and the performance of international searches and international preliminary examinations on behalf of the Visegrad Patent Institute (hereinafter referred to as hereinafter referred to as "the VPI").

In accordance with the mission and vision of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic, the quality policy is based on the following principles:

  • The Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic is, pursuant to Section 32 of Act No. 575/2001 Coll. on the Organisation of Government Activities and the Organisation of the Central State Administration, as amended, the central state administration body for the field of industrial property. Pursuant to Article 8(4) of the Agreement on the Visegrad Patent Institute, it also performs on behalf of the VPI the activities of the VPI as an international search authority and an international preliminary examination authority. It carries out the tasks entrusted to it professionally, impartially, efficiently and in accordance with the requirements of a modern public administration.

  • In performing the tasks entrusted to the State and the IPO, the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic ensures that all activities are of high quality and efficient and are oriented towards the requirements of its clients. Within the framework of the established quality management system, it follows the current ISO 9001 standard in all its activities, with an emphasis on ensuring the quality of the products and services provided, taking into account the management of risks and opportunities that may arise in the course of its activities.

  • The Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic is part of the policy formulation for the protection of industrial property rights at national, regional and international level. It fulfils this role by continuously improving and innovating its internal processes, by constantly striving for the greatest possible transparency and contact with its clients. The Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic also places great emphasis on the digitisation and computerisation of all processes.

  • The aim of the Office is to act quickly, to make quality and professional decisions and justify opinions, to provide transparent information on the procedures and processes for the assessment and registration of industrial rights.

  • The Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic needs highly qualified employees to perform the tasks of the State administration in the field of industrial property in a professional, impartial, efficient and modern manner, and therefore ensures continuous training and professional development of its employees and the provision of quality working conditions.

  • The management of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic takes such decisions and measures that continuously improve and enhance the activities and outputs of the Office towards the internal and external environment.

Certifikát systému manažérstva kvality ISO 9001:2000 (PDF, 334,6 kB)