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Central Portal of Public Administration

The Central Portal of Public Administration (hereinafter referred to as the "Central Portal of Public Administration" or "") is a public administration information system which, pursuant to Act No. 305/2013 Coll. on the electronic form of exercising the powers of public authorities and on amendments and supplements to certain acts (the e-Government Act), enables centralised electronic official communication with any public authority and access to common modules, in particular via the Internet.

Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Infirmatisation of the Slovak Republic (MIRRI)

The technical operator of the ÚPVS is the National Agency for Network and Electronic Services (NASES)

The recipient of submissions is the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter referred to as 'IPO SR').

Address of the electronic filing office

Filing options

Advantages of electronic filing

  • security (access to the electronic mailbox requires an electronic ID card with a chip (eID card) and a personal security code (BOK code), filings are signed with an electronic signature created by means of a qualified certificate)
  • efficiency (saving time, paper, printing, postage, etc.)
  • reduction of administrative fees (50 % of the fee determined in accordance with the scale of administrative fees, with a maximum reduction of EUR 70)

Means necessary for electronic filing

Basic information on familiarising yourself with the PSO and its use for electronic communication with public authorities is provided on the PSO under "Getting started." The means necessary for electronic communication with public authorities, detailed user guides, description of functionalities, description of its common modules, etc. are also provided on the PSED.

In case of questions and problems related to e-filing, please contact the Central Contact Centre of the IPO SK or helpdesk IPO SK.