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Head I

1. Application fee for filing an international PCT application

66 €

2. Fee for the priority document

20 €

3. for acts of the Office in connection with the late submission of the translation

130 €

4. For acts of the Office relating to late payment of the international filing and international search fee

50% of the international filing fee

5. for sending the archival and search copy to the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization if the Bureau is not the competent receiving office

30 €

6. for the acts of the Office connected with the restoration of the right of priority

166 €

The applicant shall pay the application fee within one month of the filing of the international application. In the case of electronic filing, the administrative fees shall be reduced by 50 %.

The administrative fees (filing fee for filing an international PCT application with the Office of the Industrial Property of the Slovak Republic, fee for drawing up a priority document) shall be paid by transfer from an account in a monetary institution or by postal order to the deposit account of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic in Banská Bystrica (hereinafter referred to as 'the Office') kept at the State Treasury. On the payment document please indicate:IBAN - SK49 8180 0000 0070 0006 0750BIC (SWIFT): SPSRSKBAConstant symbol - 0558

Variable symbol

The variable symbol is the identification of the payment. The variable symbol is always made up of a ten-digit numeric code.

This code for international PCT applications starts from the left with a one-digit prefix 3. For example:

Application PCT/SK2005/000005 has the variable symbol 3000052005

prihláška PCT/SK2007/050001 má variabilný symbol 3500012007.

Tento kód pre platby za vyhotovenie prioritných dokladov začína zľava buď jednomiestnym prefixom 1 pre patentové prihlášky, alebo jednomiestnym prefixom 2 pre prihlášky úžitkových vzorov, po ktorom nasleduje deväťmiestne číslo príslušnej prihlášky, ktoré prideľuje úrad. Napríklad:

patentová prihláška PP 777-2001 má variabilný symbol 1007772001,

utility model application PÚV 50017-2007 has the variable symbol 2500172007.

More detailed information on the composition of the variable symbol. (Podrobnejšie informácie o zložení variabilného symbolu).

7. International Filing Fee

1233 €1,2

over 30 pages (per page)

14 €

8. Research fee

1775 €

1The international filing fee is reduced by the following amount if the international application is filed in accordance with the Administrative Directives:

  1. in electronic form: 185 €,
  2. in electronic form, if the texts of the description, claims and annotation are coded in character format: 278 

2If the international application is filed by a natural person, the international filing fee shall be reduced by 90%. Only the applicant who is the sole and beneficial owner at the time of filing shall be entitled to the said reduction and shall not be obliged to assign, grant, transfer or license to another party who is not entitled to a reduction of the fee. If there is more than one applicant, all applicants must meet the above criteria.

The international filing fee + EUR 0.05 (foreign bank fee) must be paid by the applicant within one month from the date of filing of the international PCT application.

The international search fee + EUR 0,05 (foreign bank fee) shall be paid by the applicant within one month from the date of filing of the international PCT application at the receiving office.

The international filing fee and the search fee shall be paid to the Office of the Slovak Republic to the following account set up by the Treasury:

Account number:

IBAN:SK96 8180 0000 0070 0006 0777