Trade Marks

The Act No 506/2009 Coll. on Trade marks defines the conditions for the so-called registrability of a trade mark.

A trade mark is verbal, figurative, three-dimensional or combined sign which is capable of distinguishing goods and services on the market. The law specifies in details the exclusions from registration as well as the signs that cannot serve as a trademark. For example, signs which are devoid of any distinctive character, indications containing official names of states, signs that designate the kind of goods or services, well-known geographical indications, deceptive denominations, signs identical with a trademark already registered for another person for identical goods or services.

Any natural person or legal entity may file the application for the registration of a trademark. 

The term of protection of the registered trademark is 10 years as from the filing date of the trademark application. Upon the request of the trademark owner and subject to payment of administrative fee the Office shall renew the term of protection for another ten years.