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Head II

1.preliminary examination fee /za predbežný prieskum/:


- carried out by the European Patent Office

1830 € 

- carried out by the Visegrad Patent Institute

900 € 

2. handling fee/ manipulačný poplatok 

185 €

Those fees shall be paid directly to the International Preliminary Examining Authority chosen by the applicant to carry out the international preliminary examination. For citizens of the Slovak Republic and persons having their domicile or registered office in the Slovak Republic, the competent authority for international preliminary examination is the European Patent Office (only if the international search is carried out or has been carried out by the European Patent Office) or the Visegrad Patent Institute.

Fees shall be paid to the European Patent Office into a bank account:

Commerzbank AG
Promenadeplatz 7
80273 Mníchov, Nemecko
IBAN: DE20 7008 0000 0333 8800 00

The fees of the Visegrad Patent Institute shall be paid into a bank account:

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Szabadság tér 5-6
1054 Budapest, Maďarsko
IBAN: HU19 1091 8001 00000087 8975 0008