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The Office's procedure for providing information pursuant to Act No. 211/2000 Coll.

Submission of requests for information by the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter referred to as the Office) and their provision by the employees of the Office is governed by Act No.211/2000 Coll. on free access to information and on Amendments and Additions to Certain Acts, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the Info Act) and Methodological Instruction No. Mp/8/2017 (PDF, 97,7 kB), as amended. 

The written request shall be submitted to:
Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic
Legislative and Legal Department
Švermova 43
974 04 Banská Bystrica 4

Applications under the Info Act are handled by the Legislative and Legal Department (hereinafter referred to as "OLP"), which also keeps a register of all applications filed with the Office under the Info Act.

The date of submission of an application under the Infozstawa shall be deemed to be the date on which the application was received by the Office.

At the request of the applicant, the OLP shall confirm the submission of the application under the Info Act and shall communicate the estimated amount of the fee for making the requested information available.