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Means of appeal

An appeal (.pdf, 53 kB) may be lodged against the decision to refuse the requested information within 15 days of receipt of the decision or the expiry of the time limit for the decision not to provide the information. The appeal shall be submitted to the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic (address identical to the address for submitting the request for information).

The appeal against the decision shall be decided by the President of the Office on the basis of the opinion of the committee which he shall appoint for that purpose.

The President of the Office shall decide on the appeal on the basis of a proposal from the appeal committee appointed by him within 15 days of the appeal being forwarded by the appeal manager to the President of the Office. The President of the Authority shall notify the applicant of the date on which the statement of opposition was received by him. If the President of the Office accepts the challenge and has the requested information at his disposal, he shall, by decision, amend the decision of the obliged person and make the requested information available to the extent that he accepts the challenge. If the President of the Office revokes the decision and returns the case for a new procedure, the responsible person shall deal with the request for access to information within the time limit laid down in Section 17 of the Info Act. If he fails to take a decision within that time limit, he shall be deemed to have issued a decision rejecting the opposition and upholding the contested decision; the date of receipt of such a decision shall be deemed to be the second day after the expiry of the time limit for issuing the decision.

A decision rejecting an application may be subject to judicial review in accordance with a special law.