Designations of origin and geographical indications of products

Documents and forms

Public declarations

Fight against counterfeiting and piracy




Why protect intellectual property

Four reasons for: 


  1. A monopoly on the commercial exploitation of the invention
  2. protection of the investment made in research
  3. protection against unauthorised exploitation of the invention
  4. strategic capital for the company

Utility models:

  1. protection against unauthorised exploitation of a technical solution
  2. financial inexpensiveness of protection
  3. monopoly on commercial exploitation
  4. speed of obtaining protection


  1. Product identification
  2. increase protection against counterfeiting
  3. image and reputation building
  4. stabilisation of market position


  1. Market exclusivity
  2. increase in added value of the product - attractiveness
  3. return on investment in product launch
  4. gaining an edge over competitors