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Library of patent literature with a study room

The study room of the ÚPV SR is located directly in the building of the office and during weekdays from 8:00 to 14:30 offers:

  • free access to patent documentation,databases and specialised literature through the WIPO Patent Fund, the WIPO Book Fund and the WIPO Depository Library;
  • sale of publications issued by the Office, the Bulletin of the Office, the journal Intellectual Property;
  • search for patent documents or parts thereof by document number, country of origin, type of document (the service is chargeable, see the Price List);
  • the possibility of making copies or printing patent documents, selected articles, records from databases or websites (the service is chargeable, see the Price List).

Patent Fund

Collection of patent documents of the most advanced countries of the world, international and regional organisations, as well as patent documents of the Slovak Republic issued by the Office. Interested parties can find patent documents in the Office's reading room or order copies of patent documents (see On-line ordering).
Current contents of the patent collection (Aktuálny obsah patentového fondu (PDF, 73,4 kB))

Book collection

The book collection stored in the reading room contains publications sorted according to the system of intellectual property rights. It includes books on copyright and copyright-related rights, industrial law including patents, utility models, trademarks and designs. The collection also includes classifiers for the purpose of classifying inventions, trademarks and designs, glossaries, codes, treaties, collections of selected decisions, dictionaries, encyclopaedias and atlases. A special group consists of the final theses of the graduates of the Intellectual Property Education Programme, annotations of the final theses can be found in the Education section.
List of publications in the book collection (Zoznam publikácií v knižnom fonde (PDF, 163,1 kB)) (search the list using Ctrl+F).

WIPO Deposit Library

The Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic acquired a collection of publications published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the IPO and WIPO in 2010.The collection of the deposit library consists of periodical and non-periodical publications covering all aspects of intellectual property law. The Office continuously adds new publications to the collection. The other WIPO deposit libraries in Slovakia are in Bratislava and Košice (see related links).
List of WIPO deposit library publications (Zoznam publikácií depozitnej knižnice WIPO (PDF, 82,9 kB)) (search the list using Ctrl+F)

For more information, please contact the study room staff at tel.: 048/43 00 172