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The preparation of a patent application and the prosecution of a patent grant proceeding before the Office of the Patent Office of the Slovak Republic is a matter requiring knowledge of patent law, practice and procedures of the Office, as well as knowledge of the scientific or technical knowledge involved in a particular invention.

Using the services of a patent attorney is not essential, but it saves your time and it is expected that the application will be drafted with the required quality, which will facilitate the proceedings. Although a patent may be granted even to applicants who are not sufficiently qualified in the field of industrial law protection, it may happen that the patent obtained does not adequately protect a particular invention.

Applicants who do not have the necessary knowledge and experience are advised to take advantage of the possibility to be represented by a patent attorney in the proceedings before the Office list of representatives (zoznam zástupcov) or a lawyer. The Office will conduct the application proceedings with the applicant or his representative. The inventor of the invention, unless he is also the applicant, is not a party to the proceedings.

List of patent attorneys/ foreign patent attorneys (Zoznam patentových zástupcov / zahraničných patentových zástupcov)