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Data Management of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic

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Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic,
Švermova 43,
974 04 Banská Bystrica

Project code

Project name
Data Management of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic

Project location
Slovak Republic

Amount of granted NFA
969 163,72 €

Effective date of the NFP contract
17. 11. 2020



Brief description of the project
The main objective of the project is to introduce systematic data management within the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic, thus promoting the principles of openness, data sharing and data protection. The rationale for the project is to systematically manage the data managed by the organisation and thus contribute to the comprehensive data management of the entire public administration. This means applying clear rules and methodologies for data use; data management and data governance itself. The motivation on the part of the IPO is the automation of new processes and the development of the automation of existing processes with the following results:

  • Creation of a new register/registry,
  • published and updated datasets,
  • availability of citizens' personal data in the My Data service of the register/registry,
  • accessibility of registry/registry data to other public administration institutions; and
  • integration into the Central Integration Platform.

The project will create a new IS registry of the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Slovak Republic - a more detailed description of META IS and will also create services:

  • My Data, to ensure the availability of citizens' data in one place, and
  • making registry/registry data available to other public administration institutions - through open data via OpenAPI, institutions will be able to access the data and thus verify e.g. ownership rights to patents, trademarks, etc.

The expected benefits after the implementation of the project are:

  • streamlining citizen and business activities (contributing to the implementation of "1 time and enough"),
  • streamlining data integration for public administration institutions,
  • streamlining internal data integration and data consolidation for public administration institutions,
  • streamlining the activities of the process officer,
  • increasing the transparency of the organisation's processes by providing data and
  • increasing the possibility of analytical processing and evaluation of data.

Information on the Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure 2014-2020 can be found at

Hyperlink to the Managing Authority's

Hyperlink to the website of the Central Coordination Body:

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