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Samuel Rybnikár

Kauzálna príslušnosť súdu

Causal Competence of Court

Duševné vlastníctvo, Volume 25, Number 2/2021, pages 38 - 41


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RYBNIKÁR, S. 2021. Kauzálna príslušnosť súdu. In Duševné vlastníctvo. [online]. Vol. 25 No. 2, 2021. ISSN 1339-5564, pp. 38 - 41. Available at:

In the contribution the author presents the legal conclusions of the resolution of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic of 20 January 2021, file No. 5 Ndob 15/2020. In the decision the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic ruled on the competence of court under the provision of Section 43 paragraph 2 of Act No. 160/2015 Coll. Code of Civil Contentious Procedure. The supreme court has delivered its opinion as to which civil court is causally competent to rule on a claim presented by action based on an employment relationship between an employee and an employer and related to a rationalisation proposal remuneration.

Key words
Competence Decision, Employment Dispute, Causal Competence, Rationalisation Proposal, Dispute on Industrial Property