The Importance of Industrial Property Protection for Bussiness

The industrial property is a product of your mind and of your intelect. It can bear the form of invention, trademark, original design or practical application of the idea. These rights are very valuable and enable your customers to distinguish your bussiness from your competitor simply by identification of your products and services as original among your customers.

Industrial property rights are unique and very specific rights. They vary significantly from other property rights. For example: whoever can own a car (as a tangible property), but not a right to a relevant trademark or a design.

These rights and other intangible assets are very often an essential part of foundation stone of a new bussiness and form a key parts of the complex and successful bussines plan. If the bussiness plan is efficient then the IP rights may become even more valuable. So, be aware of real value of your IP rights from the beginning and make sure you took the best care of it.

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