Other services

Patent Documentation

A collection of patent documents from 26 states and organisations such as EPO, WIPO or OAPI is systematically filed in geographical or digital order according to the field of science it covers. The collection is accessible to public in the reading room or it might be requested in writing, by fax or e-mail.

Patent Reading Room

It offers the public a possibility to study patent literature or auxiliary material using a request form for making copies of required patent documents or the parts thereof or copies of second bibliography.

Information and Searches

The Office provides information on patents, trademarks, utility models and industrial designs. The Office further provides bibliographic searches as well as searches of the prior art for inventions, technical solutions, industrial designs, and for marking of goods and services.

Order of Patent Documents

The Office meets the orders for publications or the parts thereof on request made in writing or via fax or e-mail.

Order of Technical Publications

The Office also handles the orders for technical publications issued by the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. The office handles the orders either in writing or sent via fax or e-mail.