Journal Intellectual Property

Revue for theory and practice of the intellectual property; the only journal in Slovakia aiming at issues of industrial rights and copyrights. There are two issues of the journal published yearly. The journal includes original theoretical and research studies, discussions and polemics on current issues, information regarding the case law, profiles of successful inventors and innovators, reviews, reports from the IPO SR and news from IP world.

Editorial Board

Members: JUDr. Zuzana Adamová, PhD. – Institute of Intellectual Property Law and Information Technologies, Faculty of Law of Trnava University
  doc. JUDr. Renáta Bačárová, PhD., LL.M. – Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice
  JUDr. Richard Bednárik, PhD. – Institute of Intellectual Property Law and Information Technologies, Faculty of Law of Trnava University
  JUDr. Michal Černý, PhD. – Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic
  prof. JUDr. Branislav Hazucha, LL.D. – Hokkaido University, Japan

doc. Dr. lur. Mgr. Martin Husovec – London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Great Britain

  prof. Ing. Ladislav Jakl, CSc. – Metropolitan University of Prague, Czech Republic
JUDr. Tomáš Klinka - patent attorney, ADR expert in the field of domain name, Slovak Republic
  doc. JUDr. Martin Kubinec, PhD. – Matej Bel University, Slovak Republic
  Dr. h.c.doc. Ing. Peter Mihók, CSc. – Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Slovakia
JUDr. Andrea Slezáková, LL.M. (München), PhD. - Economic University in Bratislava, Slovak republic
  JUDr. Jakub Slovák – Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic
  prof. Ing. Ľubomír Šooš, PhD. – Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
  prof. JUDr. Ivo Telec, CSc. – Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic
  prof. JUDr. Peter Vojčík, CSc. – Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice
  doc. JUDr. Jozef Vozár, CSc. – Slovak Academy of Science
  Mgr. Ing. Martin Žovic – Patent attorney, Slovak Republic
Editorial circle: Ing. Zdena Hajnalová

Obálka časopisu

  Ing. Ingrid Brezňanová
  JUDr. Lucia Kováčiková
  Ing. Lukrécia Marčoková
  Mgr. Jitka Mikuličová
Executive editor: Mgr. Lucia Spišiaková, PhD.
Language editor: Mgr. Monika Halásová
Graphic editor: Mgr. Janka Zimová

Editorial Office: Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic
  Švermova 43
  974 04 Banská Bystrica
  tel.: 0908 676 865
  e-mail: casopisDVadresa el.poš

The price of a journal subscription in printed and electronic version

The printed journal is distributed to the subscribers by post, the price of one issue is 4.50 €, the annual subscription is 8 € plus postage. Customers are charged postage according to the valid price list of Slovak post. 

The electronic journal is available free for download since 2021. If you are interested in a notification about the publication of the magazine in electronic form, fill out the order for the electronic periodical.

Instructions for authors 

The specialized peer-reviewed journal Intellectual Property focuses on the theory and practice of intellectual property and is published four times a year. 

Two independent reviewers review manuscripts submitted in the Studies section anonymously and the final decision on the publication of all manuscripts is the responsibility of the Editorial Board. The approximate time of the review is one month. Articles undergo linguistic check.

Deadline for receiving contributions to the journal has these rules:

The January 15th is the deadline for submission of those manuscripts published in the first issue;

The June 15th is the deadline for submission of those manuscripts published in the second issue; 

Contributions to the Comments section can be sent continuously, and will be published in the next issue.

The journal Intellectual Property currently accepts authors' contributions. We ask authors to comply with the following requirements:

  1. Send the manuscript to A template of the paper is available at the same address upon request.
  2. The recommended range of Study is 10 to 30 standard pages; Comments should fit into 5 to 10 pages.
  3. An abstract (10 to 20 lines) and keywords (5 to 8) in Slovak and English must be attached to the author's article.
  4. Under the title of the article state the name, classification, workplace, exact address and email contact of the author.
  5. References (citations, paraphrases) to the literature should be written in a footnote. List the literature at the end of the article. Comments in the text should be written in the footnote.
  6. Highlight important passages in the text in bold. For the clarity, it is appropriate to divide the articles into chapters.
  7. Papers are evaluated by a double-blind review.
  8. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be returned to the author.
  9. The author's manuscript is honoured after the publication in a journal.

Detailed information regarding the publication process, structure, formal requirements of the papers, review procedure and copyright are available on request at the email address

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