Administrative Fees - A few words for applicants

Amount of the administrative fee that is charged by Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic is defined by the Act No. 145/1995 Coll. on Administrative fees as amended. The payments shall be effected by money order or transfer to a bank account of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic. Payments are made without prior notice and are due on filing date.

For more information on all relevant bank accounts and codes, click here (.pdf, 40,8 kB)

Schedule of Administrative fees:

I. Part General (Item 1)
XVI. Part Industrial Property Rights (Item 214-215)
Administrative fees Patents (Item 216-220)
Administrative fees Supplementary protection certificates (Item 216-220)
Administrative fees European patents (Item 216-220)
Administrative fees Utility models (Item 221-223)
Administrative fees Designs (Item 224-226)
Administrative fees Topographies of semiconductor products (Item 227-228)
Administrative fees Trademarks (Item 229-232)
Administrative fees Designations of origin for product/Geographical indications for product (Item 233-235)