Electronic signature

EPO smart card

Electronic filing of application through eOLF software requires a smart card. Smart card identifies authorised person, protected by PIN code, uses as electronic signature and is able to communicate directly with your PC with using smart card reader.

To obtain your Online Filing package, comprising the Online Filing software, smart card reader and smart card with pin code, please complete the enrolment form and return it to the EPO.
Please note that all smart cards need to be registered before they can be accepted for filings to the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic. If you have a smart card you will also have to send us your public key (which is present in your smart card) in order to be able to register. We will contact you as soon as we have registered your smart card in our system.

WIPO digital certificate

Digital certificates from WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) are allowed to be used for filings through the PCT-SAFE (Secure Applications Filed Electronically) software. To order a digital certificate free of charge from WIPO, please complete the request form on the WIPO homepage.
After the request has been approved by the WIPO Customer Certification Authority and the certificate is ready to be issued (normally within one working day), you will receive an e-mail containing instructions on certificate retrieval from WIPO.

Digital certificates issued by WIPO do not need to be registered for filings to the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic.