Slovak Business Agency (SBA)

Slovak Business Agency (till 28/2/2014 the National Agency for Development of SMEs) is crucial, and is the oldest specialized non-profit organization for the support of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Slovak Business Agency was founded in 1993 by a common initiative of the EU and the Government of the Slovak Republic. It is the unique platform of public and private sectors. Slovak Business Agency wants to be the first choice for Slovak enterprises for starting and development of their business. Its mission is a support for SMEs at the national, regional and local level in compliance with the Small Business Act's (SBA) principles and improvement of the competitiveness of SMEs within the single EU market as well as in the non- EU markets. Its objectives are to increase the survival rate of enterprises, to increase the employment rate in private sector, to increase the innovation performance of Slovak enterprises, to stimulate entrepreneurship spirit, to avoid marginalization of enterprises and to increase the competitiveness of Slovak business environment and Slovak enterprises.

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