1. Partners in the Slovak Republic

    1. State Institutions
      State institutions (ministries and central administrative bodies) in the Slovak Republic are permanent partners of the IPO SR.
    2. Professional Organisations

      In order to create appropriate conditions for people interested in IP protection the IPO SR co-operates with following professional organisations:
      1. Slovak Chamber of Patent Attorneys
      2. The Slovak Bar Association (
      3. The Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies
      4. Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    3. Patent Information Centres
      The main task of patent information centres is to provide complex bibliographic and information services in the field of patents and trademarks, search services, advisory services, copying of patent documents, etc. Each centre is also a Contact and Information Point of the Office.
    4. Contact and Information Points
      The main role of Contact and Information Points is to provide a basic information how to protect the results of inventive or bussines activity, where to apply for a protection and to build a public IP awareness
    5. Information and Advisory Points for Innovation (INNOINFO)
      It is a new activity of the IPO SR mainly focused on users from SMEs. INNOINFO helps to inform entrepreneurs on possibilities of IP protection, on foreign IP products and solutions as well as on providing mentioned information to public from the field of science and technology.
    6. Slovak Technical Museum
      The new partner of the Office to promote certain results of important inventors from the field of science and technology in Slovakia.
    7. Slovak Business Agency (SBA)

  2. Foreign Partners

    1. WIPO - the World Intellectual Property Organization
    2. EPO - the European Patent Office
    3. EUIPO - the European Union Intellectual Property Office
    4. WTO - the World Trade Organization