Charter of the Information Security Policy

The Industrial Property Office of SR has adopted and is committed to promote the Charter of the Information Security Policy and to achieve strategic goals and principles in information security set by it:

  • To manage the information security in accordance with the requirements of existing legislation.
  • To create conditions to ensure an adequate level of information security in all activities and functions of the Office.
  • To protect rights and interests of the state, organizations, employees and partners by implementing efficient and effective security mechanisms and measures.
  • To increase the safety awareness of employees and through a training program to lead and motivate systematically to improve and observe the safety principles in carrying out their work.
  • To ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of personal data, trade secrets and other important information of the Office, its staff and partners in their processing.
  • To ensure safety, reliability and quality of operating IN by using modern information technologies and by their gradual improvement and making more effective.
  • To create conditions for safe placement of IN individual components depending on their importance and to ensure their physical protection and protection against environmental influences.
  • To protect the reputation of the Office and to ensure high ethical standard and quality of services.

To increase permanently demands on security measures in all areas of information security. To improve implemented security measures, to improve constantly their effectiveness in accordance with new requirements to provide services and to create organizational conditions to ensure the security of IN.

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