Management of the Office

Photograph of president of IPO-SR

Mgr. Matúš Medvec, MBA, President

Contact: phone +421/48/43 00 118

Vice-president photograph

JUDr. Marek Samoš, Vice-President

Contact: phone +421/48/43 00 321

Advisory body of the President - Board of Directors - consists of 14 members:

  1. Vice-President
  2. Head of the Office
  3. Head of the Department of International Affairs
  4. Director of Legal and Legislative Services
  5. Director of Appeals
  6. Director of Patents
  7. Director of Trademarks and Designs
  8. Director of Dispute Proceedings
  9. Director of Receiving and Changes
  10. Director of Fees and Documents
  11. Director of office administration and maintenance
  12. Director of Finance
  13. Director of IT Operations