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Maintenance fees for patents

The Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic charges the maintenance fees for a patent, for an European patent with the designation of the Slovak Republic, for a supplementary protection certificate for medicinal products and for a plant protection products according to the Act No 495/2008 Coll(.pdf, 218kB).

Payment of maintenance fees shall be made by money order or transfer to the following bank account of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic.

Item 1
Maintenance fees for Patents, maintenance fees for European patents for
a) 3rd year 66 €
b) 4th year 82,50 €
c) 5th year 99,50 €
d) 6th year 116 €
e) 7th year 132,50 €
f) 8th year 149 €
g) 9th year 165,50 €
h) 10th year 199 €
i) 11th year 232 €
j) 12th year 265,50 €
k) 13th year 298,50 €
l) 14th year 331,50 €
m) 15th year 365 €
n) 16th year 398 €
o) 17th year 464,50 €
p) 18th year 531 €
q) 19th year 597 €
r) 20th year 663,50 €

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