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Official Gazette of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic

The Gazette of the Office is published biweekly and contains data on:

  • Patents
  • European patents with designation for SR
  • Supplementary protection certificates
  • Utility models
  • Designs
  • Trade marks
  • Designations of origin for products and geographical indications for products
  • Topographies of semiconductor products
Codes and Heading Titles are arranged in accordance with the WIPO Standard ST.17

 The Official Gazettes of the IPO SR can be found:

Available in the study room

  • the printed form, years 1993 – 2007,
  • CD ROM in the PDF format, years 2008 – 2015,
Available on the IPO SR´s web site
  • Online version free of charge, published monthly, years 2016 – 2020,
  • Online version free of charge, published biweekly, from 2021.
The Official Gazette in any other form as the officially published version may not contain all parts and data of the official version and thus cannot serve as a basis for legal actions.

The recommended PDF viewer is Acrobat Reader 7 or a higher version.

Current year edition 2021

Issue numberPublication dateOfficial Gazette
1/2021 13.1.2021 PDF (11 MB)
2/2021 27.1.2021 PDF (6 MB)
3/2021 10.2.2021 PDF (6 MB)
4/2021 24.2.2021 PDF (6 MB)
5/2021 10.3.2021 PDF (6 MB)
6/2021 24.3.2021 PDF (6 MB)

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