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Working Meeting with the Slovak Chamber of Patent Attorneys

Working Meeting with the Slovak Chamber of Patent Attorneys

The first working meeting of the President of the IPO SR Ľuboš Knoth and the President of the Slovak Chamber of Patent Attorneys (hereinafter referred to as SCPA) Vladimír Neuschl and the Board of Directors of the SCPA took place on September 13 in Bratislava.
The meeting was initiated by the IPO SR President to inform the SCPA about possibility of preparation of candidates for European Qualifying Examination – EQE. It is a project of the European Patent Office with the aim to support the interest in EQE.
The IPO SR incorporated the mentioned project (together with 9 other projects) in the proposal of the future bilateral co-operation with the European Patent Office. Support for the EQE consists of a specialised study including language training for the candidates in selected patent attorney firms in another member state with patent attorneys - members of the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (epi) and of financial support for preparation and enrolment to the qualifying examination.
The Slovak Republic is one of the EPC member countries in which all of the European patent attorneys received their recognition on the basis of so-called “grandfather” clause (Art. 134(3) EPC) in the past decade. Their number is 36. Therefore Ľ. Knoth asked the Board of Directors of the SCPA to nominate the candidates for the mentioned project. The Board of Directors promised to co-operate in this area and to consult the names of candidates with the IPO SR.

Date: 18.9.2012

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