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The World Intellectual Property Day

The World Intellectual Property DayThe Industrial Property Office of SR employees and invited guests reminded the World Intellectual Property Day (WIPD) with the central idea Movies – A Global Passion on April 24, since this year´s WIPD was on Saturday, April 26.
Also the Deputy Speaker of the National Council of SR Jana Laššáková, the Rector of the Academy of Arts Matúš Oľha and the Mayor of Banská Bystrica Peter Gogola accepted the invitation.

On the occasion of the WIPD celebrated since 2001 Jana Laššáková appreciated the work of the IPO SR and emphasised that that the intellectual property is a fortune of every country and needs to be respected.
     - I am convinced that the protection of intellectual property in the competence of the IPO SR is in good hands. I believe that activities prepared by the Office for today shall inspire young people to be creative and to transform their talent to patents gradually.

Matúš Oľha underlined the phenomenon of movies which has changed our lives essentially. He outlined briefly the history of movies in the world and he also remembered Jánošík who has been the no 1 film topic in Slovakia.
     - It is a great pity, that after 1989 the Slovak film production has been practically stopped and even when there are attempts to recreate the Audio-visual Fund the quality is incomparably lower than in the past and also in comparison with neighbouring countries. For example for the Poles the film production is a flagship of their country. It has never been abundant in industrial production but there are Academy Award Winners, world-famous actors. The film needs professions. – In this relation M. Oľha mentioned the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica founded in 1997. A year later the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and in the next year the Department of Documentary Films were founded.
     - Movie documentarists are something like a movie 'decathlon', because a documentarist has to write a script, make a film, cut it, etc. His work covers all professions related to the film. We also have the Department of Film Dramaturgy and Screenwriting.

    In relation to this year´s motto of WIPD Movies – A Global Passion it is necessary to mention that the IPO SR obtained two videos from the World Intellectual Property Organization some time ago – animated stories for youth focusing on patents and trade marks – and one video from the European Patent Office explaining the Espacenet system for searching patent documents. The texts have been translated into Slovak and they need to be dubbed. The IPO SR also plans to make such videos to introduce the services and products of the Office.

    The vernissage of the exhibition - From Talent to Patent - of the works of students of the Design Department, Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, and of children from not large villages Píla and Žarnovica created during the last year´s 4th summer art-photographic workshop under the guidance of academic sculptor Ferdinand Chrenka and Veronika Markovičová from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava was the part of the opening of the WIPD in the IPO SR.

    It has become a good habit that the IPO SR organises also the Conference Intellectual Property in Slovakia within the WIPD. The 14th Conference with the motto The Mastery to Be Different was aimed at increasing the public awareness, particularly of businesses and customers, on the importance of branding and design in a competitive environment.

    In the first part of the Conference Branding the lectures like the Story of Kofola Brand, Levi Strauss: Protection of the Trade Mark in Central and Eastern Europe and Logo as a Company´s Totem were presented. The second part Design That Sells contained topics like Two Ways to Legal Protection of Designs and Design in Practice (School and Reality).

    At the end of the WIPD which was also the Open Day in the IPO SR one more interesting event took place. Approximately at 5 p.m. the bus from the village Píla with children whose works are part of the exhibition From Talent to Patent stopped in the parking area and it was the turn of another vernissage…

Date: 13.5.2014

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