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The Unique Deserves Protection! - Innovations and Youth

The Unique Deserves Protection! - Innovations and Youth

The President of the Industrial Property Office Ľuboš Knoth presented intentions of the Office and its activities especially for school-age youth to participants of the meeting for directors of schools and educational facilities founded by the Self Governing Region of Banská Bystrica. The meeting was held on 7th November at the hotel Partizán in Tále. He introduced the possibility to help the youth to obtain information about the intellectual property and to motivate young people in this area and the offer of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic for teaching staff who are interested in issues of the intellectual property to be used in teaching. He further informed of the intention of the Office to create a specialized course for teachers to familiarize themselves with these issues. Ľ. Knoth also presented the agreement with the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic on the development of curricula for secondary schools containing a minimum of intellectual property and present teaching materials and equipment that came into existence thanks to the partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization. As Ľ. Knoth said: “Slovakia may increase its competitiveness in particular by introducing innovative thoughts and ideas to work whereby the unique must be protected legally!

Date: 8.11.2013

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