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The Office Continues to Modernize its Services

The Office Continues to Modernize its Services

The workshop on the implementation of software programs for electronic filing of the trade mark applications (eFiling) and subsequent proceedings on these types of applications, such as renewal of a trade mark, filing opposition, invalidity and cancellation of a trade mark (eServices), took place in the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic (IPO SR) in the week from 29 April to 3 May 2013.
The IPO SR and the Estonian Patent and Trademark Office are the pilot offices in the e-Services projects.

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Since these projects are international, the workshops were attended not only by experts of the IPO SR, who are in charge for business part of all processes and technical implementation of projects, but also by three experts from the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) in Alicante and one expert from the OHIM by videoconference.

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The OHIM in cooperation with the national industrial property offices prepare software package of projects which individual offices interested in implementing shall adapt in compliance with their own rules of procedure.

Both projects are funded on the basis of cooperation agreements with partner offices. Mr Raymond Klaassen, Programme Manager SP projects and Project Manager Adopt SP, appreciated the work of experts of the IPO SR involved in preparation of both projects.

During the workshop the experts of both institutions discussed a map of the processes of filing trade mark applications and subsequent proceedings of trade mark. R. Klassen believed that the date of entry of both projects into live operation later this year will be met.

Implementation of the above mentioned projects will simplify the access to filing of trade mark applications and to subsequent proceedings for applicants and proprietors of trade marks. Users shall be able to connect to the appropriate website via web site of the IPO SR and will find the requested service. As it still has not been possible to authorize documents with an electronic signature, the signed documents have to be submitted in person or by ordinary mail. In this case priority of electronic filing is retained.

The IPO SR believes that the introduction of these services will increase an interest in the trade mark registration.

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Date: 9.5.2013

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