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The Office Builds on the Quality

The Office Builds on the Quality

The IPO SR is another Office within the EU implementing the project Quality Standards of the Cooperation Fund of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market based on the measurement and comparison of key performance indicators. Parameters such as services availability, timeliness and error rate shall help the clients to review the services quality and performance Office´s services via transparent and easily available information on the website https://www.tmdn.org/coopfund/web/csc. The IPO SR shall implement 48 standards during 2013; 20 for designs; 22 for trade marks; 6 for client services. Mapping methods of proceedings on trade marks and designs in the IPO SR is also a part of the project. The OHIM representatives appreciated the approach of the Office employees participating at the launching the project.

The visitors from OHIM with the team of project manager office of the IPO SR.

Date: 15.2.2013

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