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Soft Skills

Soft Skills

The Regional seminar Soft Skills organised by the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) took place at the Industrial Property Office of SR in April 20 – 22. The seminar was attended by 60 participants from several patent and trade mark offices in Europe and lectured by experts from the area of human resources management of the Belgian company DEMOS with which the OHIM concluded the cooperation agreement. The participants were divided into three groups and during three days they gradually heard and “trained” three topics.

Change and Stress Management
   It was a practical and interactive course dealing with human responses to organization changes and strategies to deal with the changes. Ways how to cope with pressure at work were also presented.

Communication and Presentation Skills
   This part was aimed at communication and presentation skills, managing of which increases the efficiency of communication and presentation. The participants had the opportunity to learn to perceive their audience and to hand over the relevant message clearly and comprehensibly. The course focused on skills and factors reducing nervousness in communication and on the other hand increasing the confidence. There were also presented psychological principles of effective interpersonal face-to-face communication:

  • understand characteristics of effective interpersonal oral communication;
  • understand multi-cultural factors in communication;
  • understand sources of misunderstanding and ways to deal with them;
  • understand the impact of non-verbal behavior, the role of listening and the feedback in effective communication.
Negotiation Skills and Conflict
   Resolution Training block was focused on negotiation skills, negotiation and conflict resolution through the latest concepts. It was stressed that reviewing own preferred negotiation style can better direct the negotiation to achieve its objective and at the same time to build relationships in a constructive way. 

   The participants expressed their satisfaction with the content, the overall level of the seminar, as well as with its organisation. For the employees of the IPO SR the seminar was also very actual since from March 1 this year there has been considerable organisational changes in the Office.

Date: 24.4.2015

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