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EUIPO/OECD Trends in Trade in counterfeit and Pirated Goods Study

We would like to share with you the latest news on the EUIPO-OECD jointly launched study which quantifies the value, scope and magnitude of global trade in counterfeit goods. The first such report was published in 2016 and was based on data for 2013, it has now been updated with more recent data for 2016.

The results show that the problem of fakes in world trade has become more serious — counterfeit goods are now estimated to account for as much as 3.3 % of world trade (compared to 2.5 % in the earlier study).

From an EU perspective, 6.8 % of imports from the rest of the world consist of fakes, up from 5 % in the earlier study. This corresponds to EUR 121 billion per year.

The study looks at where the rights owners whose IP rights are violated come from. The companies that suffer from counterfeiting are based mainly in the EU, the USA, Japan and South Korea, although increasingly companies from emerging markets are also targeted. The bottom line is that any company that has valuable IP is at risk.

Date: 21.3.2019

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