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EUCYS 2012

EUCYS 2012

The Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic (IPO SR) - as an institutional partner of the event - donated one of the prizes within the European Union Contest for Young Scientists 2012 (EUCYS). The IPO SR President Ľuboš Knoth granted an award 2.000 EUR to Gergely Papp (19) from Hungary, the author of the project Resonantial-Cone Loudspeaker with Neodym Magnet (engineering), for creativity of the work. The ceremony took place on September 25 in the historical building of the Slovak National Theatre.

The Contest for Young Scientists is an initiative created by the European Commission in 1989 to motivate young scientists and guide them to a future in science and technology. From this moment the event is an annually held exhibition of young scientists in the age between 14 and 21 years (not only from Europe) to present their works and to compete for the highest honour. The participating young students have already reached a prestige position in their home countries and that is the reason why the EUCYS is one of the most demanding contests in the world.

The host organisers the Young Scientists of Slovakia and the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic organised the EUCYS 2012 in Incheba Expo Arena, Bratislava in September 21 – 26 under the management of the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation.

Each contestant had one stand to present his/her project to international jury and to visitors. There were 83 projects from 36 countries in this year’s contest; Slovakia was represented by 3 projects related to chemistry, environment and biology. Peter Horváth (19) won two prizes in chemistryIntel ISEF 2012 and EuCheMS – for the project Synthesis of triazene compounds and their application in spectrophotometric determination of cadmium – and was the best Slovak representative.

Three first prizes (€ 7.000 per project) won:

Philip Huprich (19), Manuel Scheipner (19) a Daniel Zindl (19); Austria; engineering; Project title – “Cam Guard”;

Mark Kelly (18) a Eric Doyle (17); Ireland; physics; Project title – “Simulation accuracy in the gravitational many-body problem”;
Jakub Nagrodski (17); Poland; chemistry; Project title – “Development of molecular patches therapy”

Except the Contest also the workshop aimed at issues of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and the Conference on Modern Methods of education and co-operation of schools and industry took place and attracted the attention of the participants.

Date: 5.10.2012

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