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Common Tool on Similarity of Goods and Services

Common Tool on Similarity of Goods and Services

The new tool created by the OHIM in co-operation with certain national offices – SIMILARITY – was activated on November 18, 2012. (The tool is available here: http://oami.europa.eu/sim/) This tool serves to find out whether participating industrial property offices harmonised database of goods and services, and to what extent, or not.

CF Similarity is a searching tool to increase the transparency and consistency of opposition decisions of national offices.

6 participating offices have provided comparing data for Similarity application.

Searching in Similarity application can be reduced to one trademark office or several offices so that it is possible to select particular offices in searching criteria.

All compared goods and services are a part of the harmonised database. It is a common list of the EU offices and translations are available in all EU languages. In searching criteria it is possible to select languages you want to search in.

Notice: Results of comparison of goods and services are not binding for the Industrial Property Office of SR in deciding on disputes (oppositions, proposals) because Similarity is only supporting tool.

Date: 10.12.2012

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