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Commemorative Plaque for the IPO SR

Commemorative Plaque for the IPO SR

The Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies (ASSTS) on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the foundation and Day of Engineers and Technicians of Slovakia organised the ceremonial meeting on March 17. The meeting took place under the patronage of the President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska and public figures, representatives of state bodies, partner organizations and national professional societies accepted the invitation.
   Based on the decision of the Council of the ASSTS the commemorative plaque was handed over also to the Industrial Property Office of SR and was taken over by its President Ľuboš Knoth.
   In his short speech he congratulated to members of the ASSTS on the Anniversary and stated that the activities of the Association are very useful for promotion of interconnection of science, research and their results with practice and also by using these results in business and in creating professional advisory platforms. Ľ. Knoth expressed his conviction that in the near future there will be a closer cooperation between the IPO SR and the ASSTS.

   In the afternoon the Conference FITS 2015 – the Forum of Engineers and Technicians of Slovakia with the motto 25 Years of Transformations of Science and Technology in Slovakia – took place.

Date: 18.3.2015

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