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Co-operation with the Ministry of Economy of SR

Co-operation with the Ministry of Economy of SR

The delegation of the Ministry of Economy of SR led by the Minister Tomáš Malatinský visited the Industrial Property Office of SR in past days. Possibilities of co-operation of the ME SR and the IPO SR in implementation of the draft measures within the Smart Specialisation Strategy (Strategy S3) were discussed during the meeting. The Slovak Republic as the European Union member state is obliged to develop a strategy as a background document for financial framework 2014 – 2020 with impact on the extent of European funds support. Strategy S3 coordinated by the Ministry of Economy of SR, Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of SR and the Slovak Academy of Sciences is a key element for innovation policy within the Strategy Europe 2020.

-The European Union’s priority is to interconnect closely scientific research projects and innovations with industry to apply them in practice as fast as possible, - said T. Malatinský. – In this relation it is necessary to take also intellectual property protection into account. It shall be one of criteria for evaluation of projects that will be eligible for support from the EU funds within the Operational Programme Research and Innovation in the next programming period 2014 - 2020. Entrepreneurs and also universities should take the importance of the intellectual property protection into consideration; such protection is in the national interest of Slovakia, indeed.

The IPO SR President Ľ. Knoth informed the ME SR delegation about the activities to increase the public awareness on intellectual or industrial property and their protection. He mentioned pre-diagnostics of industrial rights for small and medium-sized enterprises, which shall be extended to technical universities, also Information and Advisory Points for Innovation (innoinfo), education activities including the pilot project of co-operation with elementary schools and the co-operation with international organisations from the intellectual property area, too. Currently, the IPO SR participates in 26 international projects; some of them are aimed at harmonisation of proceedings on industrial rights applications, at support of applicant, at making registration processes easier and faster.

-Our Office is ready to help within the strategic goals of the Ministry of Economy and of Slovakia either, - emphasised Ľ. Knoth. – For instance, if the Ministry is interested in human sources, the Office offers 4-module educational programme Intellectual Property accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport. On the other side, we would like to help entrepreneurs and to make the license ‘market’ more dynamic. After all, we have only 39 license offers entered in our register, while we have started to publish such offers on our web site. We shall notify entrepreneurs of possibility to licence (i.e. commercialisation) their solutions and we would like to offer the possibility to exchange licenses.

The representatives of the ME SR and the IPO SR presented several inspiring ideas at their meeting in Banská Bystrica. ME SR shall implement them in individual projects and action plans. As T. Malatinský said, - the IPO SR can be also an ‘arbiter’ in cases when it is not clear whether a technical solution within the project applying for the of EU funds support has got or has not got an added value; i. e. proposes points in terms of intellectual property protection.

Both parties agreed to organise a seminar for entrepreneurs aimed at intellectual property issues in Bratislava in the premises of the Ministry of Economy of SR at least once a year.

Date: 13.9.2013

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