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Bilateral meeting of the Slovak and Chinese delegations

Bilateral meeting of the Slovak and Chinese delegations

President of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic (IPO SR)  Mr Ľuboš Knoth met the Deputy Commissioner of the State Intellectual Property Office of the People Republic of China (SIPO) Mr He Zhimin in Prague on 9 September 2014 (International Conference on Protection of Industrial Property in Europe held on the occasion of the 95th Anniversary of Establishment of the Patent Office).

Ľ. Knoth briefly introduced the history of the IPO SR, its services and future goals. Mr He Zhimin admitted that in China they do not have sufficient information on the situation in the area of the industrial property in Slovakia and at the same time he introduced the history of the SIPO in its four stages:

  • Years  1980 – 1990. Creating  the legal framework, adopting of the Act on Trademarks (1983), Patent Act  (1984) and Act on Copyright (1990).
  • Years 1990 – 2000.  Amending the Acts in line with TRIPS Agreement, close co-operation with the European Patent Office in the eighties and nineties.
  • Years 2000 – 2012. Noticeable development, accession to the WTO (2001), acceptance of the national strategy for the intellectual property (2010), that is currently implemented .
  • Present. Focus on the quality of services. SIPO is a State Authority, its President is appointed by the State Council. The SIPO has  more than 13 000 employees out of which more than 10 000 work as examiners. In the future the growth of the significance is expected.

He Zhimin said that despite of considerable development the system of the intellectual property in China has been relatively young and therefore the SIPO would  welcome co-operation with the IPO SR. Mutual exchange of experience could enhance both Offices.

The representatives of the IPO SR and SIPO mutually invited themselves to the business visit and made an agreement that their Offices will be in contact.

Date: 24.9.2014

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