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Bilateral Meeting

Bilateral Meeting

Bilateral meeting with the representatives of the Industrial Property Office of SR took place in Budapest on February 19 on the invitation of the President of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) Miklós Bendzsel. For the President of the IPO SR Ľuboš Knoth it was the first bilateral meeting with a national IP office president since his nomination in June 2012.
Ľuboš Knoth and the Head of the Service Office of the IPO SR Andrej Legiň discussed with the partners from the HIPO – the President Miklós Bendzsel and Vice-President Mihály Ficsor - the information on changes in the offices, their strategic direction, actual problems of European patents with unitary effect, mutual bilateral co-operation and co-operation within international institutions.
The partners agreed common activities to support innovations in the region of Central Europe, to exchange experience in IT area, the co-operation in searches and popularisation activities in intellectual property and preventing counterfeiting.
The representatives of the IPO SR and HIPO evaluated the meeting as very fruitful and inspirational to develop professional relations.

Date: 26.2.2013

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