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Bilateral Co-operation with the EPO

Bilateral Co-operation with the EPO

Mrs. Heidrun Krestel responsible for the co-operation of the EPO with Visegrad Group countries visited the Industrial Property Office of SR in March 11 – 12, 2013.
The partners discussed actual projects and their financial support. There are 11 projects in process focused on patent information and increasing the IP awareness, improvement of existing and implementation of new services and products just like creation of new web registers and their interlinking with the Federated European Patent Register, machine translation of patent documents from the EPO official languages into Slovak and vice versa (implementation shall start in next weeks), intensification of co-operation within the European Patent Network, etc. 

    The IPO SR representatives informed H. Krestel about the Office activities in the past 8 months and systematic changes in the management of the Office. They presented activities of the Project Office related to projects with the EPO and complex plan of activities management in accordance the PRINCE2 methodology what was evaluated very positively by the EPO. 

    Discussions related also to upcoming celebration of 20th Anniversary of the IPO SR establishment taking place in May 14 – 15, 2013 and the EPO will be represented by delegation of four members with Benoît Battistelli at the head. 

    EPO plans to organise in co-operation with the IPO SR the Online Services Users´ Day in Bratislava in October 9 – 10. 

    In the end of the bilateral meeting the partners pointed out positive changes in co-operation and communication and evaluated the meeting as progressive, inspiring and also friendly. They expressed their hope to continue in such co-operation.

Fotografia z návštevy Heidrun Krestelovej (druhá z prava)
Ľuboš Knoth, Heidrun Krestelová, Anna Čechvalová, Andrej Legiň (from right side)

Fotografia z návštevy Heidrun Krestelovej

Date: 14.3.2013

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