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Bilateral Co-operation between the Industrial Property Office of SR and the European Patent Office

Bilateral Co-operation between the Industrial Property Office of SR and the European Patent Office

In 2012 the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic (the Office) followed almost ten-years’ co-operation with the European Patent Office (EPO). Both institutions continue with common projects based on the programme adopted by them for the period 2012 – 2015.

Projects related to patent information, making services and tools better and introducing new services and tools, are very important part of the co-operation programme. They are aimed to increase accessibility and usability of patent and utility model information within the territory of the Slovak Republic as a member state of the European Patent Organisation.

The co-operation programme consists of five projects related to information products and services like European Language Technology Services (machine translations), Espacenet, Publication Server, Pilot project to re-orient PATLIB Centres and Federated European Patent Register.

For example the project for machine translations of patent documents from European and some non-European languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) shall extend the existing translation tool Patent Translate for translation into Slovak language. The tool as a part of Espacenet with database of patents from all over the world is free of charge for public. The project has been running since 2011 and translations from and into the Slovak language shall be accessible in 2014.

Interconnection of the web register of European patents granted by the EPO with web registers of national patents granted by member states of the European Patent Organisation is the other – already running – project. It is aimed at displaying information on validity of European and national patents in the common database.

Detailed information on the progress and results of projects shall be published on the web site of the Office, in magazines E-zine and Intellectual Property, at seminars, workshops and other learning and popularisation events regularly.

Date: 8.2.2013

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