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Also the IPO SR President – the Member of One of SAS Commissions

The Commission of the Slovak Academy of Sciences for Intellectual Property, Innovations and Technology Transfer met for the first time during the TransTech Exchange 2014 in Bratislava on November 11. The IPO SR was represented at the meeting by the President Ľuboš Knoth, the member of the Commission.
The meeting participants discussed the issues on science and research and outlined possible solutions of the social problems related to the perception, support and using the research and development results in Slovakia. They supported the creation of clusters and uniting the groups according to technologies and materials to stimulate in communities the specialisation of the science and research, interest in development results, their using in business area and securing the industry development in Slovakia in the course of time.
Besides, Ľ. Knoth emphasised the importance of the primary applying for industrial and legal protection of science and research results before their publication in reputable specialist journals as well as the need of specialisation of the Slovak science to make Slovakia competitive and to become the important player in the area of innovations.

Date: 14.11.2014

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