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Magazine Intellectual Property

Revue for theory and practice in the IP – the only periodical in Slovakia aiming at issues of industrial rights and copyrights. In the specialised magazine published quarterly in Slovak language there are published particularly original entries of IP experts. It includes discussions and polemics on current issues, information regarding the case law, profiles of successful inventors and innovators, reviews, reports from the IPO SR, from home and abroad.

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Editorial Board

President Mgr. Ľuboš Knoth

  JUDr. Renáta Bačárová, PhD., LL.M.
  Ing. Štefan Holakovský
  doc. Ing. Peter Mihók, CSc.
  JUDr. Ing. Vladimír Neuschl
  doc. JUDr. Jozef Vozár, CSc.
Executive Editor Ing. Elena Bobeková, PhD.
  tel.: 0908 676 865
  fax: 048 4300 402
  e-mail: elena.bobekova@indprop.gov.sk

The Magazine is published 4 times a year

Editorial Address Úrad priemyselného vlastníctva Slovenskej republiky
  Švermova 43
  974 04 Banská Bystrica
  tel.: 0908 676 865
  fax: 048 4300 402
  e-mail: casopisDV@indprop.gov.sk


 Magazine Duševné Vlastníctvo in the E-version

Since 2014 the Magazine has been published electronically (four times a year); in the end of the year the printed version of selected core articles published during the year is issued by the Industrial Property Office. The Office intends in this way to meet expectations of readers who prefer the printed version and also to make the Magazine Duševné Vlastníctvo available to interested parties in libraries and thus to maintain its credit.

The periodical is distributed to subscribers in PDF format, prize is 3,50 € per copy; 14 € is annual subscription. Annual subscribers will receive at the end of the year the selection of core articles in the printed version for free, non-subscribers will be able to buy it for 5 €. 

Guidelines for Authors

  1. Contributions should be sent in paper or electronic form as MS Word in clear layout of the text (title, author, subtitles, highlighting certain parts of the text).
  2. Images, tables, graphs should be sent separately as image files in jpg or tif format.
  3. Electronic files should be sent on a floppy disk, CD-ROM or by e-mail.
  4. Maximal extent of the article is 15 pages. In case the article is longer, editors with the author´s consent may split it up to and publish progressively.
  5. The editorial board reserves the right to select entries.
  6. Unpublished manuscripts are returned only upon request of the author.

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